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Tom Paladino is a Christian, husband, researcher and humanitarian seeking to bring Scalar Light healing to the world. Scalar Light will improve the quantum health of humanity.

Inside Tom Paladino's Laboratory
Scalar Light
Tom Paladino's Laboratory
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Scalar Light
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Tom began researching Scalar Light during his undergraduate years after developing a deep admiration for the Father of Scalar Light research and development, Nikola Tesla. Thereafter, beginning in 1993, Tom was able to study the research notes as well as operate Scalar Light instruments developed by another Scalar Light expert, Galen Hieronymus. Tom attributes much of his success today to these two, brilliant Scalar Light pioneers: Nikola Tesla and Galen Hieronymus.

There are two (2) energies in the universe: Scalar Energy and electromagnetic energy. Scalar Energy is divine energy and the Sun or our solar system as well as the stars serve as the "storehouses," for this divine light. The laws that govern Scalar Energy are distinct from the laws that govern electromagnetic energy.

Tom Paladino’s Humanitarian Efforts

Tom Paladino has focused a significant portion of his humanitarian efforts upon helping an entire host of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with outreach programs. NGOs are comprised of action-based program developers and a community of like-minded people. The organization is committed to making sustainable, humanitarian-oriented impacts all over the world.
Ecosystems everywhere are suffering due to the negative impacts of man-made chemicals. As a result, people are suffering, as well. NGOs collaborate with partners like Tom, who share their commitment to global humanitarianism, sustainable initiatives, and clean living.

Uganda: Tom and NGOs have been supporting students in a rural Ugandan community who did not have clean water or basic necessities. Typical lunches for these students often consisted of cornmeal water served in a cup. After humanitarian efforts, 100 students at The Little Eagles School now have school supplies. Students have also received seeds to grow their own organic food, and are beginning to thrive thanks to the humanitarian efforts provided.

The students also participated in a campaign to improve the health of those in the kingdom of Uganda, which is where they live. They traveled to 13 locations and performed a song they recorded at a professional recording studio, one that would later be played on radio broadcasts. The first event at the CBS radio/television station in Kampala, Uganda, drew major coverage from other radio stations and multimedia outlets.

Scalar Light provided new uniforms and shoes for the 70 students as they traveled to a new village each week over a 3-month period. Tom also agreed to provide FREE Scalar Light wellness sessions for 3,000 health-challenged villagers for one year.

India: Tom is working with NGOs to help a group in India that has over 15,000 members whom all have experienced various serious health conditions. 48 of the participants have openly provided feedback of better health and improved quality of life after receiving a series of Scalar Light sessions. Tom continues to send funds to India to cover additional testing and travel expenses.

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